Rustic Brush Collection
Jeanette Curry
Jeanette Curry was born and raised in Dallas, but has lived in Ennis, Texas for the past 12 years. She attended Eastfield College 11 years ago to learn black and white photography where she learned the art of what she calls Photo Art, in the advanced classes. Much of what she does is self taught, and she takes what she learned a step further.
She has a lot of creative energy that she draws from her environment.

Her work has been shown at such places as the Langley House Gallery in the Woodlands, at the downtown Dallas Library, as well as in Lakewood and the Hotel Indigo, Art Six Coffee House in Denton, The Courtyard Theatre in Plano, and the Warehouse Theatre and Gallery in Corsicana. Jeanette has done workshops on Photo Art for various community service groups and Art associations in Texas, and Oklahoma. Jeanette and her husband Richard have three adopted children and three natural children.

Featured on this website is two series, “Walk With Me” and “A Brush With the Past” Jeanette takes black and white photos, and paints them by hand to make them look like a painting, then it is scanned and enhanced and printed onto canvas. They are all original and taken by the artist/photographer, Jeanette Curry.

Jeanette and her husband Richard have traveled extensively in the search to find the perfect photo opportunities for the Rustic Brush Collection.

It is Jeanette’s hope that those visiting the website are inspired, and enjoy the artwork!
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Barbed and Blue
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Sit A Spell
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County Courthouse
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